Ways To Motivate Employees

Your employees are the most important asset of your company. They will either work hard to make your company successful or they have the ability to let it go downhill. It is natural that employees feel bored or dissatisfied after they’ve worked for quite a while in the organization and this will affect their productivity and finally your profits. So you need to motivate them continuously to get the best out of them. So here are some of the easy methods you can follow to ensure they are motivated at work.

  • Reward good work
    Remember how your parents promised a reward of cash for every ‘A’ you got in school and hence you would try your best to good at exams? Well, the same applies here. Your employees feel a sense of achievement and pride when you acknowledge their good work. It can be a simple pat on the work to say ‘well done’, an acknowledgement email, a coupon for a movie or Japanese restaurant Melbourne or a simple bonus at the end of the month. Most employees prefer being appreciated in front of everyone and hence a simple speech at the end of the morning meeting will do. You can even hold an awards night every year if you want to do it in a large scale.
  • Surprise them
    Who doesn’t like a boss who gets them ice cream on the oddest days, takes them out to a bar St.Kilda for drinks randomly or gives a surprise day off? Well, your employees are going to love you. Even the most enthusiastic employees can get dull over the course of routine work. The more often you break the cycle, the happier your employees will be. You can get them surprise gifts too; nothing too fancy or expensive but a simple memoire such as a personalized notepad, key tags, gift baskets etc.
  • Create a welcoming environment
    Imagine walking into a cramped up office, filled with rodents and mosquitoes, and no proper air conditioning. Yes, even the thought of it makes you cringe. So, it is your utmost responsibility to create a clean and safe working environment. Ensure your cleaning staff does a good job and attending to every need of cleanliness daily. Make sure proper cooling systems are in place. Provide safety equipment such as helmets, gloves, goggles etc. to heavy workers. Giving each employee their own little working space at office gives them the feeling of their own. They can personalize their booth as per their choice and this will motivate them to come to work every day.

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